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Intraworkout: Are You Missing Out On Important Muscle Growth?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

The first question is, do you use an intra workout drink?

If yes then great, but if not then you are missing out on valuable nutrition to help recover damaged muscle tissue during and after hard training . I've used one for 5 years now and would never be without even on, ESPECIALLY on low carb diets.

When we train, muscle tissue is broken down (catabolism), and in order to promote muscle growth (hypertrophy), we need to create the right environment for molecular growth (anabolism).

"Why do I need this, wouldn't I repair anyway without an intra workout drink?"

Eventually yes, but the idea is to start the repair process early for a few reasons:

🔹When you drink the fast carbs the body releases insulin which is a) one of the most anabolic hormones in the body and so b) pushes the aminos and carbs from the intra workout drink to the muscle cells where the damage is being caused

🔹 Reduce soreness which may interfere performance during subsequent workouts

🔹 Muscle breakdown need not be so severe for the hypertrophy to take place....for example you don't dig a 10 foot foundation to build a 1 foot wall and in the great words of Lee Haney 8x Mr. Olympia "... stimulate, don't annihilate."

🔹 Even on very low carb diets such as the very last week's of most competition preps, Chris will never take the intra workout carbs out, he deems it THAT important the athlete ALWAYS get in a good workout to preserve muscle mass.

🔹 The great 'post workout shake' that many old fashioned bodybuilders continue to imbibe isn't totally wrong as it still takes advantage of the post workout recovery window...but people seem to disregard that this window opens at the BEGINNING of a workout, not the end.

So what is in the basic intra workout shake?

🔸 Fast release protein

🔸 Fast release carbohydrates

A basic intra will include a fast pre digested protein called PeptoPro which is a hydrolysed Casein preparation (or EAAs+BCAAs as a more cost effective alternative).

This will get straight into the bloodstream when paired with a fast release carbohydrate such highly branched chain cyclic dextrin (cluster dextrin)....this source of carbohydrate, albeit slightly more expensive is also pre digested and does not induce bloat which can sometimes occur with maltodextrin especially at higher amounts (60g+) as it draws water into the gut when ingested.... although the benefit of maltodextrin is that it is a more affordable option.

The amount of carbs will differ from person to person but in general 30-45g will do for small/moderate body parts and 60g for larger body parts such as back and legs.

To soup up your intra workout drink you can add creatine monohydrate which will help you to get a few extra reps out by restoring the muscle energy cell quicker....and extra aminos and glutamine for added repair and digestive care.

If you want to give it a go, bring a shaker with you and we can also make you an intra workout drink to your liking from £1.50....

….or if you want to jump straight in we have a fantastic Scitec Nutrition Intra Workout Bundle offer at gym, this is what you get for just £39!! (RRP £52):

▪️2.5kg Scitec Nutrition Maltodextrin

▪️1kg Scitec Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

▪️30 Serving Scitec Nutrition EAAs in 4 amazing flavours


Add 50 serving Scitec BCAAs and Glutamine to complete your intra workout drink for an extra £25.

See you soon!



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