It wouldn't be right if we didn't give Biggie his own dedicated gallery.


A 12 year old Rottweiller owned by Fay who has stolen the hearts of many people through the doors at MuscleFactory, he has been the gym dog for the past 4 years and is very much part of the furniture.

Biggie is a bit nuts (like dog, like owner right?!) and you can often catch him lounging on a bench or barking at birds he can (or can't!) see on the roof.

He is very playful and well trained, adhering to the commands of SIT, STAY, COME, BRING IT, LEAVE IT, GET THE STICK (go fetch any toy), PAW, MOVE (if he's in the way) should you need to use any commands with him.

We do ask you not to feed Biggie but if you wish to bring him treats please make sure they are 100% natural.