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Suspension training now in fitness room!

Thanks to Nick at local company BeardSmoke (www.beardsmoke.com check them out you won't be disappointed), we now have a suspension training frame in the fitness room!

What can you do with suspension training?

You can do some great bodyweight movements for core, back, chest, arms and legs (if you're brave enough!). It will help with overall body strength, stability and cardiovascular health.

I tried a few back exercises yesterday and they weren't easy but the contraction was brilliant, it might be a good idea to do these if you struggle to feel your lats.

The beauty of these exercises is that there is no impact on the joints so they can be used for rehab and/or to build strength in stabilising muscles such as rotator cuffs.

One thing I noticed while doing the single arm row was the ability to contract my right side a lot better than the left so will use this exercise to try and correct the imbalance.

Suspension training uses a single anchor point which means that your body has to constantly fight to remain stable thus giving you an excellent core workout.

Since writing the above on Facebook I added 3 sets of inverted rows to the end of my back workout as a finisher and it felt awesome...give it a go next session!


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