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Vitamin D Is Our Friend

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

It's been good to enjoy the sunshine while it's out and get some extra vitamin D, which most of us tend to be deficient in particularly during the winter months, as it boasts many benefits and plays an important role during all stages of life.

The late Charles Poliquin was a great believer in the supplementation of Vitamin D especially as an athlete as it helps with muscles, bones (helps with calcium absorption) and enhances natural hormone levels (teststerone), thus increasing athletic performance and helps stay leaner.

Did you know if you have darker skin then it will take a longer period of time to absorb enough sunlight to produce an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Lower vitamin D levels are known to be associated with higher belly fat and total body fat percentages in all races and sexes.

I supplement vitamin D more during the winter....it's not something you will feel working but it's something you will notice has been working if you stop taking it, eg: lower mood and less energy. During the winter months it can help to improve mood as many people can (unknowingly) suffer with seasonal affective disorder.

The amount taken in from food sources isn't really sufficient to obtain optimum blood levels of above 30ng/ml. Note that this optimum amount will be above what the government suggests, but we are looking for levels for best athletic performance.

If you're due for a blood test with your GP you can always ask them to check levels, if not there are a few blood tests available like medichecks and thriva should you wish to have levels checked privately out of interest.

We sell Scitec Nutrition Vitamin D3 capsules here in the supplement shop if you wish to add this into your diet (£8 for 250 capsules), follow the recommended dose on the pack.



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