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🌟 "I WANT BIGGER ARMS" Part 2 - The Workout Video 🌟

Following on from the short article the other day on how to train arms if you struggle to get them bigger, I filmed Chris putting Connor (one of our regular members) through a more advanced arm workout as he'd said it would be great to gain some fresh insight on how to approach his arm training differently....it's a great watch!!!

It's not a smash him to pieces session (although we do enjoy doing that too 😬...and to be fair, his arms do actually get a hammering) but a very information dense and full of advices type video so please save it to watch whilst you're eating lunch, dinner or whatever because it is a touch over 30 minutes long.

There's also a 10 minute video in another blog where Chris talks a bit about the science behind the chosen exercises, make sure you take a look or save that to watch as well....he knows a bit about what he's doing 🤓

Connor is actually a very strong young lad and enjoys both bodybuilding and powerlifting style training despite having to use lower weights during this workout....but at the end of the day, who doesn't want bigger arms?!

Right at the end of the video there are 3 arm workout slides you can screenshot... beginner, intermediate and advanced....I did it that way as FB doesn't let you post videos and photos at the same time.

If there's anything you'd like us to write about or any training you'd like to see in videos, please comment.

We hope you enjoy the video!


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