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Fat Loss Diet

My bodyweight is down 3kg/6.6lbs in two weeks and some of you may be interested to know what I'm eating now to strip back the fat to get ready for a guest posing spot at Barbarian Classic in June and possible show in July.

I competed at Barbarian Classic last year as an amateur winning 4 titles, Women's Bodybuilding, Overall Bodybuilding, Women's Physique and Women's Overall. It was the first show of the year little did I know I would be returning this year guest posing as an IFBB Pro!

If you would like to attend the show it's in Grimsby on Sunday 13th June, tickets can be found at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/barbarian-classic-tickets-75775343091.

Anyway back to the interesting stuff!

The plan is to tighten up diet and lose some fat for 4 weeks, relax for two weeks (this might entail a couple of refeeds) then hit it hard for another 11 and 15 weeks respectively. Chris oversees everything to do with my diet and training but we do discuss everything and if I feel we something needs changing he is open to listening to my suggestions.

Diet start date: 24th Feb 2020

Start weight: 74.7kg/11 stone 10.5lbs

Start weight last year: 78kg/12 stone 3.5lbs

Height: 5'1" (for perspective)

Current body weight as of Monday 9th March 2 weeks into diet: 71.7kg


20 minutes fasted cardio prescribed but have been doing 30 minutes.

30 minutes dog walk in the afternoon (this would be done anyway)

None exercise activity from gym cleaning and trying to keep daily step count up.

Interested in what I was eating before this to gain size?


Training Day Diet:

Breakfast: 1.5 scoops whey + 20g organic Peanut Butter. (I changed this from eggs and bacon as I am on shift and cooking was eating into my work time for PT clients, gym cleaning and social media work)

Meal 2: 2 x brown toast + tin tuna in brine + 20g light mayo/salad cream.

Meal 3: 125g salmon + 1/2 bag microwave basmati rice + salad + 20g salad cream. (The microwave rice will be replaced by proper rice when we go strict)

Meal 4: 150g chicken + 300g potatoes + large portion of green veggies + 20g ketchup.

Meal 5 PRE WORKOUT: 125g lean steak or lean mince + 1 x McCains frozen jacket potato + 1 clementine.

Meal 5 PRE WORKOUT: 125g lean steak or lean mince + 1 x McCain's frozen jacket potato + 1 clementine. 2 scoops Pepto Pro + 5g creatine + scoop BCAAs & glutamine.

Intra Workout Drink: 30/45/60g carbs from cyclic dextrin, amount depends on body part being trained + 2 scoops Pepto Pro + 5g creatine + scoop BCAAs & glutamine.decided this way because by the time I've trained it's gone 9pm and having being up since 4.30am, fatigue is catching up and appetite isn't brilliant. It's quick and easy to eat so I can go straight to bed.

None Training Day Diet:

Breakfast: Wednesday - 1.5 scoops whey + 20g organic Peanut Butter.

On a Sunday - 3 x whole organic eggs + 2 x bacon medallions + 10g ketchup.

Meal 2: 150g chicken + 200g potatoes or 1/2 bag microwave rice + large portion of green veggies + 20g ketchup.

Meal 3: 150g chicken + 200g potatoes or 1/2 bag microwave rice + salad + 20g salad cream.

Meal 4; 125g salmon + salad + 20g salad cream.

Meal 5: 125g lean steak or mince + large veggies.

Meal 6: 150g fat free Greek yoghurt + 20g organic peanut butter.

Once the 4 weeks is up we will post comparison photos!

We don't track calories or macros per se, this can start to become an unhealthy habit with some people...but we do know exactly what I'm eating (including how carb/protein or fat content per meal) and will just adjust portion amounts/carb timing as we go along.

Remember, eveyone requires something different when it comes to diet. Notice that we haven't done anything drastic like cut carbs really low or reduce food much? Sometimes a good starting point is just to eliminate all processed food from your diet and introduce a little bit of cardio every day.

If you need any diet or training advice, all MuscleFactory members get this included with membership. No joining fee and great membership options. https://www.musclefactoryswinton.co.uk/membership-options

See you soon


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