• Fay Ellis

30 Minute Home Leg Workout with Resistance Bands

Burn some fat with this fast paced leg workout with resistance bands.

This wasn't quite what I'm used to when it comes to leg training, but we managed to do a quick leg workout in 25 minutes with bands. It gets the job done and gives a super leg pump plus burns a boat load of calories!!! 🤢

Please make sure you have plenty to drink during your workout especially on these warmer days, it was extremely warm when we filmed this and I probably didn't drink enough fluids during the session.

The workout routine is shown in the picture below if you want to save it, but be sure to watch the video or even train alongside it if you want!

Next live session on Facebook will be Wednesday 22nd April for shoulders and calves, then Sunday again probably for a proper leg workout.

If there's anything in particular you'd like me to train please give me a shout or drop a comment on this post!

Stay safe


#stayhome #gym #diet #fatburning

MuscleFactory Gymnasium William Street End Swinton South Yorkshire S64 8BP

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