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Have you tried these?

Have you tried calves on the new Cybex Leg Press yet?

You can use this as an alternative movement to the donkey calf machine...plus you don't have to load and empty weights 😎

Upstairs for thinking 🧐

Downstairs for dancing 🤺

For a complete lower leg workout make sure you include seated calf raises and at least one straight leg movement such as these above, donkey calf or standing calf raises...not necessarily all in one session. At the moment we do calves twice a week, one movement each day.

To take it one step further you could include tibialis raises (whilst standing lift your toes upwards to contract the front of the lower leg), in between or after your sets.

If you're prone to missing calves do them at the start of your workout then you can't chicken (legs) out 😉

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