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Video with New 40kg Slam Ball For Gym

Nipped over to Bolton, Manchester today to see Mo and pick up a couple of heavy slam balls for the gym: 1 x 40kg and 1 x 50kg. They'll be living with me for a while until we open 🤪

I wanted them for the big room so people can do some different strength/fitness stuff if they want.

These are slightly deflated which make them a bit harder to handle.

Of course rest day is never a rest day so I had a play around with the 40kg...the 50kg is now stuck on living room floor cos I can't move it again lol 🤦🏾‍♀️

Never done owt like this before, it was hard work but fun at the same time once I figured out the best way to pick it up...could do with something slightly higher to chuck em over though.

Oh and there's also a 25kg arriving so people can go lighter 🤗

Maybe we'll add these into the next live workout to make it super challenging! What do I get myself into 🥴

Stay safe and keep training


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