• Fay Ellis

Upper Body Blast Home Workout

Got bored so did a quick upper body workout to burn a few extra calories 🥵 sorry if camera work is poop.

I did four different supersets followed by a few sets of bicycle crunches.

Aim for 3-4 sets on each, make rep ranges challenging for you - just try not to go below 10 reps on an exercise. Mine varied between 10 and 20 reps, exercise depending.

I managed to get hold of a couple of kettlebells but all of the exercises can be done with just resistance bands if needed.

▪️ Tricep Pushdown ▪️ Kettlebell or resistance band bicep curl

▪️ Stiff arm Pulldown ▪️ Banded Press ups

▪️ Single Arm row ▪️ Kettlebell clean and press or resistance band squat press

▪️ Side laterals ▪️ Front raises

▪️ Bicycle Crunches

It was hot! 🥵

#gym #homeworkout #motivation

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