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Target your front delts with this exercise

🔥 Seated Incline Front Raise 🔥

Next time you come to gym to train shoulders try this exercise to get your shoulders absolutley hanging!

This movement is a fantastic alternative to standing or upright seated front raises and will hit your front delts like nothing before.

Despite the burn they give, these have to be my favourite front delt isolation exercise 100%.

With other movements you can sometimes lose that feeling particularly at the bottom of the movement, these will keep constant tension on the muscle.

As you can see in the video, I keep my hands prone (palms faced down) at all times. This takes any pressure off the bicep tendon and keeps it all on your front delt.

To really get your front delts firing do these as a volume set (e.g 3-4 sets 12-20 reps) before hitting a heavy press movement...

...and trust me you don't need much weight at all. 🥵

QUESTION: How best should you set up your shoulder routine?

▪️Rear delts first - as often these are people's smallest/weakest point on their shoulders. Do these first when you have most energy and are strongest. Weak rear delts can often lead to poor posture and other shoulder issues. It will in turn also strengthen your pressing.

▪️Side delts second - joints should be nice and warm by now to hit side delts nicely.

▪️Front delts last - usually people's strongest/favourite part to train and often get put first. Overpowering front delts can leave you with a poor posture and an imbalanced physique. They also get hit alot during chest and sometimes triceps. Do these last to prioritise the other heads to get nice 3D looking shoulders.

Two movements on each head should be enough with a mixture of volume and intensity.

See you soon!


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