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My first sports massage with Lewis Hinds

So I jumped in with our new therapist Lewis Hinds Sports Massage Therapy this morning to see what he was all about, plus I'd missed physio with Todd on Thursday due to not remembering that we were back at work lol so I was due a good summat or other.

We filled in all the necessary paperwork before starting and I told him the main area I needed massage on - the right side of my upper back.

The pressure he was used was perfect, and he explained that he was starting off lighter to warm each area before going in harder particularly as I am more muscular.

Lewis was very precise in finding areas which had knots and tightness and explained what he was doing all the way through (including anatomy) plus the massage techniques he was using.

He did traps, upper back getting into rhomboids and sub scapula, lower back, lats at insertion and front lats, delts, triceps (ouch) and some stretching in 1.5 hours.

Just the other day when he sent me his treatment list for the gym I said "Who would want 90 minutes of torture?!" 😆🙄😩

I was tight in places I didn't even know I was tight 🙈

A good few swear words left my mouth throughout the treatment - which is my own fault for neglecting stretching etc on a regular basis but I can already tell now that he's done a superb job 👏🏽

If you need a deep tissue massage for any issues (or even something less invasive) I would highly recommend Lewis to anyone...and not just those who train, maybe you've postural issues from work...he sees a wide range of clients.

There are appointments available here at MuscleFactory Mon, Weds, Thurs from 6pm and Sunday 10am-4pm - plus 15% off all August for new and existing clients!

Get in touch with Lewis on 07367492120 if you'd like to book in.


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