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One Year Ago!!!

One year ago on March 1st 2019 a few of the lads had a friendly powerlifting meet here at MuscleFactory. Take a look at Connor Bracegirdle's top lifts from that day.

Connor has been doing a mixture of bodybuilding and powerlifting style training since but is now predominantly doing powerlifting along with Luke South who has been powerlifting for a while now.

I think we'll get a board up in leg room so people can write their lifts on as a bit of competition/motivation 💯

Here is the text from the original post last year:

Regular member and pocket rocket Connor Bracegirdle hitting an easy 250kg squat and 180kg bench last weekend when a couple of the lads had a friendly powerlifting competition! Which when Chris popped his head in, said had a brilliant atmosphere.

The squat was a PB as well as the 180kg bench too...both looking easy 👀

Well done lad 💪🏾 Deadlift wasn't as successful, Connor wanted to beat his PB of 290kg but starting at 250kg which went up ok, he failed the next two lifts because he hadn't practiced on the deadlift bar beforehand which is longer than a regular bar so his feet were wider....and it has more flex, which means the "bite" is different and it takes longer for the weights to leave the floor compared to a stiff bar.

Just shows that you've gotta practice how you play for the best results.

Well done to all who took part.

Have some goals to keep motivated guys!

Enjoy what you do and you'll keep improving and growing💪🏾

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