• Fay Ellis

New tricep machine has landed at MuscleFactory!

The new plate loaded tricep extension machine is here and has got 3 different loading points to alter the strength curve depending on how you want the movement to feel.

1️⃣ If you load the top arm it will be hardest at the start and get easier towards the bottom.

2️⃣ Load the middle arm, then then middle portion will be hardest.

3️⃣ If you load bottom arm it will be easier at the start and hardest at the end of the movement.

This will hit medial head slightly more (think innermost tricep towards the elbow) and will be a great addition to your arm workout as this part is often lagging behind the long head and lateral head.

It's very easy on the elbows compared to say skull crushers or close grip bench and so is good for training around elbow injuries.

Remember the triceps are a larger muscle group than the bicep and will make your arms look extremely impressive when they're bigger 😎

There's a little bit of work to be done to it (including changing the red bits to white) but it can be used straight away so have fun, and as always...please look after your new piece of kit!


#triceps #armday #bodybuilding #gym MuscleFactory Gymnasium William Street End Swinton South Yorkshire S64 8BP ☎️ 01709 591846

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