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MuscleFactory Resistance Band Home Workout Series!

Welcome the first video in my "Home Workout W@nker" series: Leg Day using resistance bands.

Yeah I know, everyone is making home workout videos 😴 but with no access to gyms during this very difficult time, people are looking for different ways to get their workout fix!

These will be slightly more challenging but can be adapted to suit everyone.

I'll be using mainly resistance bands because they are so versatile and you can actually get a great workout in and this is literally all I have for training at home with.

Why not look at this as a chance to let your joints rest a bit from all the heavy training, fix that niggle that you never let heal plus hit muscles that you wouldn't usually use.

Resistance bands come in loads of different strengths and are a great way to safely load the muscles during a huge variety of exercises.

By the way, this isn't an easy home workout at all!

There is a picture at the end of all the equipment I used, there are some bands left on eBay I believe. The clips are just those normal pack sealer clips.


You don't have to use the exact strength bands I did for each exercise, find out what works for you.

I would recommend doing the workout like so:

▪️Giant set, 4 rounds of: Close stance squat 15-20 reps | Wall sit long as possible | Leg extensions 15-20 reps

*If you can't do the giant set, do the first two as a superset and leg extensions as a separate exercise afterwards for 3-4 sets.

▪️Leg press variation 3-4 sets of however many reps you can get

▪️Abductor/adductor superset 3 x supersets high reps

▪️Squat or deadlift/squat 1 set as many reps as possible

▪️Glute bridge 3 sets of 15-20 reps

▪️ Banded X walk to finish Go for as long as possible 🔥

If you try it let me know!

Stay safe, stay healthy and look out for the next video!


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