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Information about re-opening on 25th July 2020

Re-opening will soon be upon us next Saturday 25th July and in accordance with government requirements we will be putting the following TEMPORARY measurements in place.

We ask that you show some patience and please respect these requests for the time being as they won't be forever.

First off here is a not so brief summary of what you can expect when you come back to MuscleFactory:

▪️ There will be booking slots for training. More information can be found here ▪️ We will be limiting the number of people in the gym (including staff) at any one time to 27. ▪️ Fitness classes will resume at some point in the near future. ▪️ Sanitise hands before, during and after training. ▪️ Wipe down equipment after use (and before if you feel it's necessary) with the sanitising supplies available. Please feel free to bring your own wipes if you so wish. ▪️ Masks are not required or recommended as they reduce oxygen intake particularly during intense training, but you are more than welcome to wear one at any time. Do not judge anyone who chooses to do so. ▪️ We are required to take your name/address/contact number details for track and trace and keep this information for 21 days. ▪️ You must sign in and out on every session. ▪️ Please keep a social distance between you and other members training. For example, do not use a machine directly next to someone else if it is within 2 metres. ▪️ Do not use personal towels on the gym floor, please use blue roll and dispose of in the bins provided. ▪️ Please note there will be a one way in via the usual stairwell and one way out through the fitness room exit unless otherwise instructed (but all still act as fire exits in case of emergency). ▪️ Please stick to the one way system around the gym where possible (especially during busy sessions), to help us adhere to social distancing guidelines. ▪️ No spotting ▪️ Changing rooms will be in operation (maximum 2 persons at any one time), but please come ready to train wherever possible.

Again, these are not all permanent changes and we ask that you help us to keep you and others safe and ensure that we can stay open for the foreseeable future.

Anyone found not adhering when possible will be asked to leave the premises. If we are found to be in breach of regulations, the government can enforce closure, and none of us want that.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It will of course be a work in progress to see how things run and need to change once we get started.

We're just busy now finishing off a few last things to make everything spick and span (including new kit), ready to welcome you all back next weekend!

Stay safe


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MuscleFactory Gymnasium William Street End Swinton South Yorkshire S64 8BP


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