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Home workout: Upper body power circuit with bands and a bar

This is a quick and enjoyable power based circuit targeting mainly upper body but the deadlifts will bring some legs into it. Within it we have an element of strength training mixed with endurance and fat burning!

Watch the video to see how I did the exercises if you're not sure how to set up with your resistance bands, plus listen to the usual general chit chat regarding gym closures and my meals etc.

If you're training with someone, have one of you start the session and complete the first exercise before the second person joins in and follows behind you.

Doing this circuit I quickly learned a few things:

  • Deadlifts, once the resistance band warmed up actually got easier so you can either start heavier than you think and/or add a second band for more resistance half way through.

  • I did sumo deadlifts (wide stance) but next time will do conventional style so that the movement is starting higher up making it more like a rack pull, thus being more back and less legs.

  • The rows are very difficult, use too heavy a band and you won't get a good contraction.

  • I love the banded push ups and seated shoulder press!

This time I did 4 rounds with little rest and completed it in around 25 minutes. To make it more of a challenging workout, add another one or two rounds then give yourself a quick ab blast to finish off with.

Aim for reps between 6-12 so double up on bands for deadlifts and press ups if you need. I went far too light and ended up doing higher reps but don't worry if you do too...adjust it for next time.

Complete 4-6 rounds of the circuit depending on your current ability level.

1. Banded Deadlifts 2. Banded Push Ups 3. Bent Over Band Row 4. Seated Band Shoulder Press

Stay safe and train hard!


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