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Home Workout | How To Get Big Arms At Home!

Episode 4 of Home Workout Wankers | Arm Day with Resistance Bands.

💪🏾 Sun's out, home training guns out! 💪🏾

In the video are a few ideas for arm exercises you can do with resistance bands. Resistance bands are extremely versatile and if you know how what to do with them, they can give you a fantastic workout. There are still a few latex bands floating around on eBay if you are looking for some.

I used my small band for this arm training session and probably wouldn't need much more to be honest but make sure you use bands which will help you get the different rep ranges and make your workouts challenging.

A home workout brief is below, I did all triceps followed by all biceps...this is to make sure we work each muscle to the max rather than alternate tricep/bicep.

Although we aren't bearing a significant amount of weight on our joints and tendons with the bands, if you do have any elbow problems then you can do all biceps first to make sure your elbows get warmed up nicely.

➡️ Workout Aim:

To hit all areas of the biceps and triceps.

Focus on getting a good stretch and contraction with all of these, if you want to make it more challenging then slow down your negatives. The band tension will fight back putting extra work loads on the muscle.

3-4 sets on each exercise, last rep on each set going to or near failure if you can.

➡️ Workout Brief:


▪️ Choose a Pushdown movement. Aim for higher reps with these to get triceps warmed up on.

▪️Close Grip Push Ups. Do your first set getting a number where you've got a few reps left in the tank. Do your next sets aiming to get this same number of reps each set.

▪️Choose an Overhead Movement. Aim for 8-15 reps per set here, again try and get the same number of reps for each set... Make it challenging!

▪️Kickbacks. As above. Or if you have something you can dip onto, you can swap kickbacks for Dips.

▪️Underhand Pushdown. Some extra work here for the often weaker/smaller medial head (just above the inside of the elbow) 3-4 sets of however many reps you can get to finish off with.


▪️ Choose a standing band curl variation. The iso hold with opposite curl was my favourite...if you do this variation let's go non stop arm to arm and choose a band which will make it challenging 😎

▪️ Choose a hammer curl. Pretty standard aim for 8-15 reps per set.

▪️Simulated preacher curl. This will hit us nicely on the shorter inner head of the bicep.

▪️Closer Grip Barbell Curl. This will target the longer outer head of the bicep more. This movement was not easy so if you struggle, you can use one single end of a band coming out directly in front of you instead of double like on the video.

▪️Choose an overhead curl. Non stop arm to arm bicep pump to finish off with!

Head to the home workout blog home for other workouts: www.musclefactoryswinton.co.uk/blog/categories/home-workouts

Have fun, stay safe and look out for chest in the next video when we start to introduce some intensity stuff. 🔥



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