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Home Workout Challenge: Spell Your Name...Then Workout!

During isolation I've been looking at different ways to keep active. Doing less means a higher chance of storing fat unless we exercise more and/or control what we eat.

So I'll be looking for fun ways we can all keep active whilst at home!

I've seen a few of these "Spell Your Name" workout challenges this past week so decided (like a nob) to grab ideas from each one and create my own version!

I mean how difficult could it be right?

This was my attempt at carrying out "MUSCLEFACTORY" for some extra cardio 🥴 watch and laugh...

... I'm now officially the world's most unfit assistant gym manager 😩...

...but I would definitely do it again!

Save the picture and have a go yourself, maybe challenge a family member?! Make the numbers lower if you're going to involve kids.

I'm sure you'll all do better than I did anyway!

Stay safe, stay healthy

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