• Fay Ellis

Gym Closed from Wednesday 6th January 2021

I'm sure you're all well aware by now of the government announcement regarding full lockdown meaning the closure of non essential services including gyms.

However if during this time you do require any protein or other sports supplements please get in touch with us and we can arrange a collection time and take contactless payment.

Obesity and other health matters which are prevalent in the UK (and can be tackled through regular use of a gym) can contribute to a person being more likely to contract Coronavirus and potentially suffer worse than their healthier counterparts. It was proven that the transmission rate in gyms after the first wave was one of the lowest thus being one of the safer places to attend. It is also widely recognised that regular exercise boosts our immune system and health in general, yet we as an industry are still not deemed essential.

We didn't want to have to go through this again just as much as you guys and until the government review in February, our doors will be be closed to the public.

Regarding membership, if you are on a monthly payment scheme and would like to continue payment throughout thankyou (again) in advance....you can then still pay it forward to anyone who wishes to attend for free for the same amount of time once we're open again. Your support is wholeheartedly appreciated.

If you can't make payments during lockdown please get in touch with us we fully understand it is a difficult time for some.

If you have paid in advance we will add any missed time onto your term.

Well it was nice to have you back for a month!

Stay strong.

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