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Glutes 🍑

Aside from looking great, working on your glute muscles will benefit your training all round, especially with bigger lifts.

This is not just for the ladies, gents need to train glutes too.

The glutes are the largest muscle group in the body....they are large and powerful because they have the job of keeping the trunk of the body in an erect posture. If you don't strengthen your glutes along with your other muscles then you can expect experience problems at some point especially if you train regularly.

The gluteus maximus is the largest and most visible muscle in the buttocks and makes up the most part of the shape that you see. It's job is hip extension...this is why Glute Drive and hip thrusts are a great glute exercise as they use this movement.

The smaller glute medius and minimus help with hip rotation, stabilisation and balance....but they all work together, so help them to help you.

Weak and/or tight glutes can cause other body parts to over compensate and reduce hip mobility often causing lower back and hip problems, also possibly leading to some lower leg (knee) issues.

Postural issues can also arise along with walking imbalances which if left unremedied can cause pain and discomfort, again through the hips, lower back and knees.

If you ARE having any issues with tightness in the lower back, glutes, hips and hamstring area then make sure you stretch after each workout too.

You can also book in with Lewis Hinds Sports Massage Therapy who can help to highlight and treat any underlying problem areas as well as give you some rehab work. Drop him a message on 07367492120, he's been working wonders for many of our members!

So make sure you train glutes to help them do their job properly and keep you in good health!

Do them on leg day or set aside a separate workout away from legs.

Some quad and hamstring will come into play when training glutes, if these start to take over completely though, I would lower the weight and try to keep tension on the intended muscle.

If you want to do a dedicated Glute workout then choose 4-5 exercises in different ranges of movement for example... squat/lunge, abduction, Glute Drive/bridge/pull through, stiff leg movement or hyperextension and kickback.

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