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Full Body High Calorie Burn Home Workout!

We (well I did!) another full body workout with resistance bands at home. These are a great way to burn extra calories whilst getting a super pump. I do these on my non training days to help burn fat and stay lean during lockdown!

Chris and myself talk about diet, the gym, my bodybuilding competition plans, answer a few questions plus more! Take a watch, try it out and enjoy!

If you still haven't managed to get hold of any bands yet and want to get some training done, head over to uk.starwoodsports.com/products/pull-up-band. I would recommend getting one of the sets as they are most cost effective.

Don't underestimate resistance bands, and I'm not on about the tubular ones, we use the heavy duty latex bands you'll find in the gym which are extremely versatile and give you a brilliant workout at home if you have zero access to any weights.

For the workout, do 3-4 sets of each exercise. Some are supersets, some are single exercises. Rep ranges will differ depending on the exercise but try not to go below 10, you'll see on the video I range between 10 and 20 reps.

Stay safe and train hard!


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