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From Amateur to IFBB Pro in 5 years with Coach Chris Wormley

So 5 years ago I started with Chris as my prep coach, I told him I was doing figure in NAC at the end of 2014....this was the first and only show I'd done the year before, well that plus their universe in Hamburg straight after.

He mentioned Nabba UK and their new category athletic figure and that I'd probably be great for it...so we did that instead and I got third, qualifying for Britain Finals.

It was at the start of that Nabba UK prep he'd said to me, and I remember because I was in Strength Asylum right at the back where the leg equipment used to be, he said: you could turn pro you know.

Now, by then I'd already been training for 14 years or so but only competing for one so knew absolutely nothing about the industry, but this sounded like it was something I wanted. I loved training, and fell in love with the stage after my first show...which by the way I did with one weeks notice and placed third in figure 😬 so I kinda figured out I was good at something...so I replied: let's do it.

To cut a long story short, I ended up moving up to Yorkshire to work at MuscleFactory in December 2014. At the start of 2015 Chris had his book published and I got one of the first copies which he signed with the words as you see in the picture .... great book by the way of you're a competitive athlete...see excerpts at www.getbreakthecode.com Copies also available from gym with a £5 discount.

So anyways, 5 years ago we made a plan, 4 years ago he signed the book...and after many, many shows...on Saturday 20th July 2019 we did it 😎

I'm forever grateful for everything I've learned from training, to nutrition, prep and all sorts of stuff....not only that, now also getting to broaden my skill set with numerous projects and bits of work here at Musclefactory.

It's been a very bumpy ride, particularly last year and I'm just glad to still be working at the gym and also be working towards growing it to be an even more successful business.

The long wait for this to happen (and I say long because I've seen people turn pro within the first year of stepping on stage lol) has ensured that my pro career is starting from a positive point and also that I am more knowledgeable about the industry, my body and what to do when I go to shows alone.

Sometimes you just gotta wait the course 🤷🏾‍♀️

This year has been crazy so far, and what started out as a diet to improve my cholesterol (yes I know, you've already heard that story 😴) has ended up being the most successful year yet.

For those who like numbers I dropped 20kg/44lbs/3stone 2lbs bodyweight in 15 weeks.

I've made new friends, business contacts for me, business contacts for the gym...and can only feel that it's the start of something good 🙃

Thankyou to everyone who has been involved and supported in some way or form this year, it's very much appreciated.

And of course thankyou Chris, for everything.


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