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Do You Know Your Grip Types?

There are a few more aspects than just those below when it comes to different grips such as hand width and how you choose to hold the bar but these are the three main grip types used during the majority of training.

▪️NEUTRAL: keeps the wrists and shoulders in their most natural and least compromised position.

Can be used for a wide range of movements such as Lat Pulldown, pull ups, different rows, hammer curls and different pressing movements.

You can try a neutral grip lying dumbell press for chest or delts if you have any shoulder problems or alternatively try the Swiss bar which also has neutral grips.

Or why not try the parallel grip Lat pull down bar for something different?

▪️PRONATED GRIP (OVERHAND): Palms facing away from you. Internally rotates the shoulder joint.

Most commonly used on (but not exclusive to) pull downs, pull ups, rows and reverse barbell curls. Again can be used for a wide range of movements.

Each grip can hit the same body part slightly differently compared to when using another grip.

For example wide grip lat pull down is usually done with an overhand grip hitting the main lat area.... Flip your hands to an undergrip and you will hit more front lat area and bicep.

Barbell rows, performed overhand will hit all across the upper back area, change to an undergrip and you will hit lower trap, lower lat area plus bicep.

▪️SUPINATED GRIP (UNDERHAND): Palms facing up or towards you. Externally rotates the shoulder joint.

Used for alot of pulling movements. Most commonly used on bicep curls and under grip rows and pull downs. Great for hitting lower lats on barbell row.

When using undergrip for back movements the biceps can get more involved.

Not everyone can perform underhand movements comfortably due to the morphology of their forearms, take barbell curls for example. If these are uncomfortable with a straight bar, try using an EZ bar where the wrist will be less rotated.

Forearm muscles get used alot in every type of grip. Grip strength is very important and weak forearm muscles when lifting heavy can lead to issues at the elbow site so make sure you include some forearm working during the week.

💡Get tight! Did you know that gripping the bar hard during heavy lifts will also keep important supporting muscles like your rotators and lats activated and ready to work.

Have a play around with different grips and see if you feel something new working that you haven't before!



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