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Challenging Full Body Home Workout

This home workout with resistance bands was no joke, it took around 50 minutes and worked pretty much my whole body.

I went to bed at 6pm after doing this and was still tired the day after!

If you're looking for a very good and challenging home workout, give this a go...it's not something you can do everyday but probably every once in a while 🤪

It's two days since this home workout as I write this and my calves and delts are still sore. Lats were sore yesterday and so was pretty much everything to be honest.

People pull faces at working out with resistance bands but I have learnt a huge lesson since starting these workouts - proper latex resistance bands are awesome.

They are so versatile (as I'm sure you've already heard me say) and put a great amount of load on the muscle without compromising joints and tendons.

For this workout you'll need a couple of bands and/or if you have any weights they'll do too (I used bands only). It's worth investing in a set of 5-6 different strengths of bands if you can afford...try and get latex ones as they last longer.

Take a watch of my workout to see how you do the exercises with bands if you're not sure...let me know if you do it!

This is the workout written out. The rep ranges are only there as a guide, some of them I got more than it says, some less but make sure you do 3 sets of everything with little rest. Try and go to failure on your third set of each exercise.

➡️ Next live workout on MuscleFactory Facebook will be Sunday 19th April and it WILL NOT be full body! 🤦🏾‍

Stay safe and stay active


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