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A quick look at the Serratus muscle.

The serratus anterior muscle which is located at the top of the external obliques and below the outer, lower chest, looks very impressive if well developed and 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙣 well developed, can be seen on not just bodybuilders but on a wide range of athletes.

Serratus (from Latin serrare "to saw") Anterior (front) is aptly named so because of its serrated fan type look.

➡️ Origin: Top 8 or 9 ribs

⬅️ Insertion: It wraps outwards around the ribs and inserts on the inside surface on the medial border of the scapula (the most inner side) plus the inferior angle (bottom corner) of the scapula. See pics.

Works in unsion with: Rhomboids

As well as looking good, the serratus anterior serves a purpose and it's main functions are:

🔹Scapula Protraction - bringing the shoulder blades forward.

🔹Scapula Stabilisation - keeps the shoulder blades stable and help keep good posture (shoulders back, chest up).

🔹Upward Rotation of the Scapula - so when you want to lift your hands above shoulder height, your serratus plays a role in this.

Did you know it is also known as the boxers muscle due to it being the strongest muscle in bringing the scapula forward enabling a long and powerful reach and punch.

Now that we know these points, have a quick think about all the other day to day movements it helps us with that you might not have considered before, I've outlined a few below:



▪️Overhead lifting

▪️Raising arms overhead (waving)

….and other sports/weightlifting movements where you may not have realised it's importance:


▪️Throwing: javelin/discus/shot put/keg toss


▪️Some yoga movements


▪️Overhead press

▪️Sled push


Think about your job role, are you using your serratus during your workday? A weak serratus can often lead to other weaker muscles as they get overworked.... eg, neck or rotators, and also scapula winging.

If you think this may be the issue, make sure you incorporate some of the movements below into your routine, but also get to see a good physio for an assessment and possible treatment/rehab.

The following exercises are more to strengthen the muscle, for rehab less weight bearing movements would be used such as the protraction movement.


🔸Push Ups

🔸Close grip front lat pull downs

🔸Stiff arm cable pull down

🔸Pull Ups

🔸Scapula protraction against the floor or wall

🔸Punch bag work

My chosen few would be pullovers, close grip front lat pull down and push ups or the scapula protraction/retraction exercise (see pics).

Have a great day and don't neglect your Serratus!



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