We understand that for some of you coming to do a weight only training session can be a bit out of your comfort zone and may seem daunting at first so we started these classes as a stepping stone into the main gym.  Those of you who already have experience with classes will know that they are a great way to burn calories, shift some fat and build your fitness level.


At present we are running two classes: Boxercise every Thursday 6pm-7pm and CobraFIT every Friday 6.15am-7am.

These classes are for men and women of all levels and abilities, no class is ever the same and are always great fun.


Why choose a fitness class?  Classes can be more enjoyable as you've got the security of being lead by a teacher plus you will be within a group of people of all different age ranges and ability levels.....AND you'll get to burn a boat load of calories.


Julia Cammoile will be taking these particular classes but don't worry, we hope to be adding a wider range of classes in the future.

To get the best results a clean diet is also recommended along side each class, plus we suggest an additional couple of sessions during the week whether it be another class or a weight training session to get you well on the way to reaching your body goals.

To book either of these classes please contact Julia directly on 07887692616

01709 591846

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