• Fay Ellis

What is your favourite/worst body part to train?

Let's get nosey!

What's your favourite body part to train and what's your worst?

☑️ Favourite: Chest (even though it's not best body part)

❎ Worst: Arms (even though one of best body parts)

Do you like training your best/strongest body parts most or do you enjoy the challenge of bringing up weaker parts?

There's something quite satisfying about having a weaker body part improve knowing that the work you put in (and usually not very enjoyable work at that) has paid off. 💯

Improvements take time, put the work in and have patience!

Fay 💪

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Mon-Fri: 06.00-21.00 Sat: 09.30-17.00 Sun: 10.00-16.00


MuscleFactory Gymnasium William Street End Swinton South Yorkshire S64 8BP

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