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How to relieve extreme muscle soreness (DOMS)

Are you super sore after training this first week back?!

We can understand that after 4 months off the gym you're all eager to get back to it full throttle, but doing too much too soon isn't the way forward 🤦🏾

Your body isn't used to what you were doing before lockdown any more, it only knows that for the past 4 months you've done nothing and so essentially it's like you're starting over again.

Of course you're going to be sore even doing lighter stuff but know your limits this first couple of weeks.

The best way is to ease back into it (which may be too late for some of you lol) with normal straight sets 10-20 reps (exercise depending), not going to failure.

Full body workouts or alternate upper/lower splits for the first week wouldn't have been a bad idea but if you are going/have gone straight back into a 4-5 day split and have overdone it this week then here are a few tips:

▪️Make sure you implement a warm up/cool down routine before and after training.

▪️BLOOD HEALS! If you have extreme DOMS then keep moving to get blood flushing through the area and stop joints stiffening. Doing nothing will only make things worse especially on days off.

▪️BACK TO BASICS! Build up intensity progressively, you're not going to get it all back straight away so what's the rush?!

▪️Try and stretch off and/or foam roll after each workout.

▪️If you think you are going to be particularly sore after a workout try icing the body part or taking a cold shower immediately afterwards which can help recovery.

▪️Increase your water intake during the day.

▪️Consume an intra workout drink with carbs to help minimise the onset muscle soreness - you're going to be sore regardless but this can help to reduce the amount.

▪️FOOD IS POWER! Eat clean protein and carbs regularly to help repair your muscle tissue. To this, add bright, colourful plus deep green vegetables to each meal and a handful of berries or a clementine once or twice a day.

▪️Start taking a multi vitamin and mineral plus some extra vitamin C.

▪️Try an Epsom salt bath or a long hot shower to promote blood getting round the body. Don't do this immediately after your workouts but later on that day or on your rest day.

▪️It's not always ideal but if it's affecting your work day then take a mild pain killer and anti inflammatory.

It's inevitable you will be sore this first couple of weeks and these are just a few suggestions you can try to help minimise and alleviate the affects of extreme muscle soreness.

That being said...

Train hard and we'll see you soon 🤪



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