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First Day Of Mr Olympia 2020

A Few pictures from the first day of this year's Mr Olympia competition: 212, Ms Olympia and Women's Physique.

The world's best athletes took to the stage for the first part of the Mr Olympia weekend which was held in Florida this year having been moved last minute from Las Vegas.

Shaun Clarida took the 212 title from last year's champ Kamal Elgargni who came 2nd. George Peterson 3rd in his first 212 Olympia... He wasn't quite as tight through the hamstrings and glutes as the others. And also being taller he can afford to put more size on and still look great but that would probably see him out of the 212 category, will he work his way up to open? Derek Lunsford took 4th.

The return of the Ms Olympia was this year! 10x champ Iris Kyle was supposed to compete but from what we hear was taken poorly. Andrea Shaw took first place. 2nd was Margie Margaret, my favourite current FBB. Helle Travino 3rd. Mayla Ash 4th, another favourite of mine and Irene Anderson 5th.

Very surprisingly in women's physique where Shanique Grant lost her title to Sarah Villegas. Both fantastic physiques and it must have been a difficult call, albeit strange. Shanique has that crazy V taper but I think Sarah has more overall thickness. Natalia Coelho got 3rd, I love her shape. Barbara Menage 4th and Ivie Rhein 5th.

Mens open as much as I always said Ramy isn't a Mr Olympia, he may well be this year. Phil top 3 but won't be taking an 8th title. I think Big Ramy 1st, Brandon 2nd, Phil 3rd, Hadi 4th, Bonac 5th, Akim 6th.

What would have happened if Roelly and Flex Lewis were there? What do you all think?!

Aaaand let's not forget classic physique is tonight also. CBum or Breon...who will take that 1st place? Or will it be someone completely different?!

Just a small bit of fun after a bit of a rubbish year.

See you soon


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