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Why you shouldn't skip Leg Day!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Leg day: it's a love/hate relationship.

That nervous feeling when leg day comes round is all far too common but the satisfaction when you're finished is well worth the pain, sweat and for some of you, tears.

Yeah it's a hard session to get through no one can deny that and to be honest, that's probably the main reason so many people avoid it. #weakminded 👀

The very first routine I was ever given 18 years ago included legs so I never knew any different and often wonder why so many people miss them out.

It's a bit like skipping a major step in an important job - ya wouldn't 🤷🏽

The most recent excuse someone gave me (and I kid you not) was "Yeah but I wear trousers all the time" 😐🤦🏾

Words fail me.

Here are just a few reasons why training legs is an important factor in your routine and will hopefully make you think twice about skipping them next time:

▪️ Boost testosterone levels thus helping to build more muscle. Big compound movements like squats and deadlifts can help elevate your testosterone levels.

▪️ Burn calories. Need some help shifting those few extra lockdown lbs? Leg day will give you that all needed big calorie burn, your legs and glutes are a huge muscle group and require more energy to work them out.

▪️ No chicken legs. Come on, who really wants to have a massive upper body with stick legs? It's not a good look, a balanced physique is an attractive and healthy physique.

▪️ Reduce the risk of injury and muscle imbalance. The body is a whole unit and everything works together, imbalance in one part will affect other body parts. Weaker legs and glutes can lead to the lower back bearing the brunt for keeping you stabilised, thus leading to injury.

Weaker glutes and hamstrings can also lead to knee tendon weakness and injury.

▪️ Strong legs can lead to stronger lifts in your upper body! Even during your bench press, being able to create drive through tight, strong glutes and legs is important for getting those big lifts.

▪️ Improved athletic performance and physical work. Do you have a manual job or take part in other sports? Keeping your legs strong will mean improved performance in both of these.

▪️ Leg workouts help to train your core. Proper core work is also a must but big leg workouts will also work your core to the max. A strong core will help keep your lower back safe and help with all other lifts, plus keep your waist tight.

▪️ On top of strength, big training sessions will work your cardiovascular system! ❤️

▪️ Strong legs on men and women look fantastic!

If you're not currently training legs or half arse them, man up and make sure you stick one dedicated leg day in at the start of the week, don't over complicate things...here's a simple routine you can try. If you want something a bit more complicated come and see Chris or myself and we'll help you out.

1️⃣ Warm up 10 mins slow Cross trainer, bike or treadmill.

2️⃣ Lying hamstring curl. 3 warm up sets building weight. 3 x straight sets 10-12 reps with the same weight aiming to get the same amount of reps each set. Make it challenging but don't go to failure. If you end up doing more reps that's fine don't stop at 12 - just add more weight next session.

3️⃣ Leg extensions. 3 warm up sets building weight. 3 x challenging straight sets with the same weight 12-15 reps to failure/almost failure.

4️⃣ Leg press (any angle, pick your favourite machine) 3 warm up sets building weight. Double drop set to failure/almost failure.

5️⃣ Superset abdcutor/adductor machine. 3 x supersets 12-15 reps.

6️⃣ Walking dumbell lunges. 3-4 lengths walking lunges with weight. If you haven't got the space for walking lunges, do 2-3 sets of 10 on each leg.

7️⃣ Stretch off/warm down.

8️⃣ Fuel for growth! Get a good post workout meal with carbohydrates and protein such as chicken or turkey with rice or potatoes.

So next time you consider skipping legs - don't!

Train hard and we'll see you soon 💪🏾


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