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Classic Physique at Mr Olympia 2019

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Soooo probably the class that a lot of people like more than the open nowadays for a few reasons, but we won't go into that now.

Classic Physique is pretty damn good to look at I have to admit and is clearly the most aesthetically pleasing of all the men's classes (in my opinion), and they always bring condition.

The thing is, as these guys start to add mass are they going to be marked down for appearing more like a 212 or open competitor? Will they sacrifice some of their shape and lines?

I can't help but feel as if some of the "classic" aspect may be lost along the way and yet another class will succumb to the size game.

Do you think George Peterson has what we would think of as a typically classic physique?

There was only 1 point between Chris Bumstead in first and Breon Ansley in second, a few people (like always) saying Breon got robbed... if you watched it what did you think?

Another new favourite of mine is Chen Kang who placed 5th (See pics) - IG @branch2015 😍 what a shape!

Here is the top five from Classic Physique Olympia this weekend:

1. Chris Bumstead

2. Breon Ansley

3. George Peterson

4. Keone Pearson

5. Chen Kang

Another year and another Olympia done.

I know alot of people aren't overly wowed by the open class this year but I still love the hype surrounding the biggest bodybuilding show in the world... watching all the best athletes prepare for it, and all the speculation surrounding them and who turns up looking like what...and we can't deny that there's been a hell of alot to talk about this year. So with that said... onto the next!




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