• Fay Ellis

Christmas Hamper Raffle Winner

Look how chuffed Shed is picking up his prize from the Christmas hamper raffle full of brilliant Scitec Nutrition goodies plus a MuscleFactory hoody .... all worth over £100.

Enjoy your winnings and have a fab Christmas Shed because you are now banned from entering future competitions 😆 #joke Well done Shedly.

If you don't know the story behind Shed and the raffle, he bugged us literally everyday about winning and we said if he gets drawn we'd put his name back in for that very reason...low and behold he ended up getting drawn out as we filmed on video so that was that 😆

We raised £200 for mental health charity Mind through raffles sales so we would like to thank everyone again who took part and donated to such a fabulous cause. 👏🏽

Keep an eye out for more comps and gym offers coming soon!

#scitecnutrition #gym #winner #motivation


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