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5 ways to get better results from your workout

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

1. Stay Hydrated - Our bodies are made up of 70% water and even being slightly dehydrated will affect your performance in the gym. If you exercise every day, aim to drink at least 250ml water/sugar free dilute with each meal and at least 500ml between meals (assuming you eat around 5 meals/day).

2. Consume the right food - By this I don't just mean the amount but the type. in my opinion, a calorie is not just a calorie.... trust me I've trained on shit calories and I've trained on clean calories and clean wins every single time. Your body will utilise clean foods before a workout far more efficiently for energy provision than dirty food. By all means (if you're not holding on to too much body fat) consume some sweet stuff and a burger/fries etc after having trained bigger body parts such as legs or back.

3. Consume enough food. Your current body composition and goals will determine what meals you consume during the day but you will definitely want to be taking in carbohydrates pre/intra/post workout for optimal muscle growth. See my previous blog regarding intra workout nutrition. All MuscleFactory members get free training and diet advice/plans.

4. Log your workouts. This can serve two purposes, firstly it will help you to remember what weights you use when you stop and start exercises between different routines. Secondly, it will keep you motivated as you try and beat your previous weeks record...or even your training partner's record! I started with pen and paper, refusing to go over to an app but for the past two years have migrated over to the Jefit app and have found it loads easier.

5. Be consistent. Ok so I used to train instinctively all the time and have nothing against it but since training with Chris for the past 5 years, having consistent routines (even if I may not have liked them all ) has given me the most progress. Stick to a routine for 6-8 weeks then swap out what isn't working or is lacking progression. Also be consistent ALL YEAR ROUND WITH FOOD AND TRAINING! Consistency is key.

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